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Hello! I'm Melissa


Melissa H North recently married her best friend in Outback Queensland and became Melissa Coleman! You may know her from novels such as The Halfling Book One – Readers Favourite 5 star award – the first novel in The Halfling trilogy. A Confabulated Compendium of Anecdotes which launched at Oz Comic Con in Brisbane on September 23rd, 2017 and also received 5 star reviews from Readers Favourite.

She is one of an international collection of talented Authors who contribute annually to  Quicksylver Publications, affectionately called the Confederacy of The Quill

Melissa has penned many articles and features for regional and national newspapers.

In 2019 in Australia, Melissa started a blog called Earth Alliance Aus. It's explores threats to our planet’s life support systems and provides support and helps raise awareness of environmental threats and issues. 

You can visit Melissa’s blog for news, reviews, and upcoming events or the latest progress on future novels and short stories

Melissa Coleman

Freelance Photojournalist/Author/PR Manager





Wordpress Blog:



Queensland, Australia

Welcome to my new website. I do hope you’ll make yourselves at home here.


“This is a story about secrets. A terrible legacy better left unknown, a threat to both our worlds. It’s about guilt, shame and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge so powerful it consumed me. A story about protecting something precious and dangerous.”


Twenty-four-year-old Elizabeth Peters is an intelligent young woman who wants more out of life than being ushered into a life of marriage to a rich pompous man. Little does she know that a fateful adventure awaits her. Her family has an obligation to protect their ancestor’s dangerous creation from falling into the wrong hands. Failure means the end of humanity. Hidden City of Alchemy is an exciting steampunk sci-fi adventure by Melissa H. Coleman.


Eliana finds herself propelled into a world she longs to stay away from; a world where nothing is what it seems. In a race against minds, she must master her magic and fight an unimaginable darkness, stretching throughout the realm of Grandelione. The same darkness that cursed her mother and, now, her half-brother is laying dormant in her too. It grows stronger with each passing day. Left with two options, she must choose to fight and bring peace back to Grandelione or plunge into a world of darkness and murder. Can she learn to harness her magic and bring peace back to Grandelione and her family? Or will the darkness within consume her?


A Confabulated Compendium of Anecdotes is a Steampunk speculative collection of tales. The stories, herein, provide a glimpse into the imagination of a most anomalous Author.

Be swept away, if you dare, by sultry maidens with mechanical gadgets, hi-tech flying machines and grinding gears. Peculiar alien forms hell-bent on saving the earth, and a conglomerate of Vamps lead by Count Valdo.

Howbeit, why wait for me to tell you more, turn the book atop and be absorbed in the unputdownable.

Nephele's first marriage ended in tragedy. And her second marriage seems to be headed in the same direction. Why do her husband's die? Is she cursed? Or is she hiding a secret?

Valdo, a direct descendant of Dracula must enlist the help of beautiful Genevieve, a renown Professor. His coven is in peril and without her, their existence will end.

Jacques and his hired help, Bertram, find themselves crash landing to Earth, where they realise the extensive damage humans have inflicted upon the fragile environment, and who they thought were enemies, could actually be their friends.

Broderick is a private investigator and his assistant Abbey is an Automaton Humanoid prototype. When a series of murders in the small township of Whiteridge have Broderick baffled. The only clue, the last words of a dying man - Comic Book. He must use unconventional methods to solve the crimes.


And Then I Woke – a collection of poems that reflect my thoughts on life and the journey I’ve been on over the past few years. It’s a little piece of my legacy to leave behind for when it’s my time to transcend this life. The book is divided into two parts: Spirituality & Mother Earth and Life in Poetic Motion. Most of the poems follow some words of contemplation by myself on the themes of the poems or what inspired me to write them. I hope my reflections and words inspire you to become aware of how your journey is just a part of a much bigger one involving all of humanity. 

Who Is Melissa

Melissa is a thrice published Author and is about to release her fourth book.

Melissa recently, founded, “Earth Alliance – Sustainability it’s Our Future” as a need to communicate and write a unique blog that considers all the issues of Sustaining our Future through community organisations, businesses, relationships and more. With the hashtag (#LetsBeTheChange), Melissa takes the opportunity to share thoughts, passions and ideas to demonstrate that the future, our future, has value and is worth advocating for.

Her background in journalism, both freelance and print press, and university studies of Journalism and Public Relations, highlights the diversity of her writing skills.


Melissa is based in Queensland.

Sharing the Love
Melissa is an advocate for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation and an ambassador for the Pencils Community. She helps to empower women through out the world by taking part in events where she can donate, share her life experiences and encouragement.

A Christmas Masquerade


Short Stories

The size of a horse, red scaled limbs, feathered wings, and a wild mane of golden hair around a lion’s face. What the hell is that? As the creature stepped forward into the mulch, its scorpion tail slipped out of the shadows of the reeds into the sunlight.


She watched the manticore sniff the air and curl his tongue. A second manticore landed softly on his oversized feet in the small clearing just metres from the where Eliana hid. Another landed and then another as the daybreak light revealed their hideous forms.

With the stealth moves of an A-grade military army, they formed into a line and started forward, slipping and squishing into the muck of the swamp. She backed away, trying to put distance between her and the hunters and not be seen.

“Brotherssss, can you ssssmell that?”

“Mmm. Ssso sssweet. Pulsssing. It’s nearby, Kano. I wantsss it.”

The words ran down her spine like tickling spiders, and she shivered, taking out the zeitgeber.

“Mmmm, the female,” another said.


Melissa Coleman

Freelance Journalist/Author/PR Manager




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