10 Simple Ways to be More Sustainable in 2020

As we come to terms and move towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly everyday life by making choices that impact the environment in a good way, I'd like to share 10 simple tips to help the greater-good of the world.

1. When topping up your pool this summer the best way to conserve water is to use a hose fitted with a trigger nozzle. Common sense prevails by only replacing water lost through evaporation.

2. Think before you purchase items, especially for entertaining, like family barbecues, kids birthdays and other parties. Plastic cups, forks, knives and food containers are on the way out as are plastic straws, this year opt for more eco-conscious options.

3. Make the swap to an eco-friendly, plastic-free and tree-free toilet paper. Try options made from 100% plant-based materials like bamboo and sugarcane waste, like Pure Planet Club toilet tissue – their new marine collection is full of fun marine animal facts and cute designs!

Their toilet paper is also BPA-free, cruelty free, biodegradable and vegan-friendly. Making this simple choice means you save wiping out 27,000 trees which is normally used to make toilet paper per day!

4. If you have a dual flush toilet, use the half flush button to reduce your water usage which helps to preserve the environment and save money on your water bill.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that over 15,000 litres of water can be saved annually in a residential household that uses a half flush button.

5. Time your showers to four minutes. Believe it or not, it is possible to wash your whole body in that shot time. Set a timer, do it for a few weeks and soon you will be in the habit of efficient showering.

6. Think about your toothbrush, hairbrush, sunglasses and all those other beauty products you use that are packaged in ridiculous amounts of plastic and swap them out. Try bamboo options. Plastic pollution is causing irreversible damage to our planet.

7. A few natural products lying around the house can be awesome eco-friendly cleaning products. The acid in white vinegar makes it naturally capable of killing mould and bacteria, use this on your taps, mirrors, shower floors and bath. Natural products are healthier for you and healthier for our planet.

8. Always turn off appliances, lights, switches and everything you’re not using. It’s amazing how much of your household energy you can save when you’re consciously taking action. Who wouldn't be happy with a reduced electricity bill.

9. Social media pages made specifically for reselling or swapping items are rampart these days. If there’s anything you no longer need, someone would be keen to give your item a second life. In 2020, think twice before tossing it into landfill. Another idea is a garage sale, or truck sale at the local markets or donating your items to charity organisations.

10. Water restrictions and the costs of using water are a massive issue. Some tips include watering your garden using a watering can or bucket before 10am and after 4pm, or washing your vehicle with a bucket and sponge – not a hose. If we all do our bit and save a little, together we'll make a big difference.

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Melissa Coleman

Freelance Journalist/Author/PR Manager



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