Buckingham Palace reached an amicable conclusion concerning Harry and Meghan's wish to step back from Royal duties.

Less than two weeks ago, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex Prince Harry and Meghan announced their desire to step back from royal duties but now the couple are giving up royal duties and relinquishing their share of the sovereign grant from the Treasury.

ACM National Convenor, Emeritus Professor David Flint said this conclusion is testimony to the wisdom, loyalty and understanding of Her Majesty, qualities she has demonstrated throughout her reign.

“There are absolutely no constitutional implications whatsoever for Australia. Australia will continue, as it has for over a century, as an independent and indissoluble Federal Commonwealth under the Crown―as many say, a crowned republic — one with, in the Governor-General, an internationally recognized Australian head of state.’’ 

“Australians for Constitutional Monarchy wish Harry, Meghan and Archie well in this new and exciting stage of their lives."

"In the meantime, we remain confident that the Australian people will continue to insist that the only changes to be made to their Constitution are ones which will significantly and demonstrably improve the governance of Australia and advance the well-being of the Australian people," he said.

Despite ceasing all royal duties the pair continue to keep the official title HRH.

The new arrangements are due for review in a year, should we start taking bets on the outcome now?


Melissa Coleman

Freelance Journalist/Author/PR Manager



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