On The Road to Tamworth

When Jeremy Earl Mitchell clocks off from work there is only one thing on his mind and it’s not an ice-cold beer.

Although the beer is a close second, the twenty-year-old’s passion for country music is first, after picking up a guitar at a very young age.

Jeremy who lives in outback Queensland said he was inspired to write and compose his own songs after listening to Troy Caesar Daley.

“John Pardi, Jason Aldean and Gary Allan also inspire me,” he said.

“On my days off I write songs that relate to my life, everything from heartbreak to good times to working for the man.”

His latest cover song entitled Can’t Quit My Job motivated him to take his music to the next level.

“Every word rings true about how we all sometimes feel about the everyday grind and until late last year I’ve always been too shy to sing around others but I thought to myself, ‘what have I got to lose’.”

Jeremy’s dream to hit the big time Country music scene began when he released his music on social media last month and nominated himself to play at the Tamworth Country Music Festival in 2021.

“Already I have nearly 500 followers,” he said.

“I release an original song weekly and update posts about my progress.”

Jeremy plays live at The Shack in Mount Isa.

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Melissa Coleman

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